Alan and Marcia Socolik







Alan and Marcia Socolik

Alan and Marcia Socolik

Henderson, NV


Alan and Marcia, Nevada residents, are avid photographers. Alan takes many photos while hiking around the area - you will see some of his dramatic landscape photos in our portfolio. Marcia looks at things from a different perspective - her photos are usually still life or photos of objects that she finds interesting or unique. Together, they present the eclectic display of photos which you see here.

As you can see, Marcia is camera-shy - she would rather be behind the lens than in front of it.


Make a Wish - Believe by Marcia Socolik


Relaxing Creek and Mountains by Alan Socolik


Solarized Floral Multi Color Macro by Marcia Socolik


Window to the World by Alan Socolik


Sun Bleached Cow Skull by Marcia Socolik


Shadow Lake Reflection by Alan Socolik


Mountain Storm with Cows by Marcia Socolik


Horse and Rider in Monument Valley by Alan Socolik


Rowboat in Black and White by Alan Socolik


Wildflowers on Display by Alan Socolik


Mummy Mountain by Alan Socolik


Lone Saguaro by Alan Socolik


Crown of Utah Mountains by Alan Socolik


Saguaro with Sun Star by Alan Socolik


Rock Climber by Alan Socolik


Purple Floral Macro Abstract by Marcia Socolik


Agave and Prickly Pear Cactus by Marcia Socolik


Cabin Among the Aspen by Alan Socolik


Mike O'callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge Horizontal by Alan Socolik


Anniversary Narrows Horizontal by Alan Socolik


Lone Bonsai Tree - Square by Alan Socolik


Yucca in the Snow by Alan Socolik


Zion Narrows with Boulder by Alan Socolik


Lone Bonsai Tree in Zion by Alan Socolik


Anniversary Narrows Vertical by Alan Socolik


Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge by Alan Socolik


Ruby Mountain Wildflowers - Vertical by Alan Socolik


White Ornamental Gress by Marcia Socolik


Sunset at Kolob Reservoir by Marcia Socolik


Sunrise in Utah by Marcia Socolik


Rock Walls of Zion Narrows by Alan Socolik


Lower Emerald Pools in Zion by Alan Socolik


Red Sky at Kolob by Alan Socolik


Two Rows of Aspen by Marcia Socolik


Two Horses and White Fence by Alan Socolik


Yellow Butterfly by Marcia Socolik


Fisherman at Kolob by Marcia Socolik


Petrified Wood - Square by Marcia Socolik


Westward Ho by Marcia Socolik


Zion Rocks and Sky by Marcia Socolik


Waterfall with Wildflowers by Alan Socolik


Yellow Wildflowers by Alan Socolik


Island Lake with Wildflowers by Alan Socolik


Old house With Shovel by Marcia Socolik


Rusty Bolts by Marcia Socolik


Curved Tree with Waterfall by Alan Socolik


Hiking in Golden Canyon by Alan Socolik


Petrified Wood - Horizontal by Marcia Socolik