Alan and Marcia Socolik







Alan and Marcia Socolik

Alan and Marcia Socolik

Henderson, NV


Alan and Marcia, Nevada residents, are avid photographers. Alan takes many photos while hiking around the area - you will see some of his dramatic landscape photos in our portfolio. Marcia looks at things from a different perspective - her photos are usually still life or photos of objects that she finds interesting or unique. Together, they present the eclectic display of photos which you see here.

As you can see, Marcia is camera-shy - she would rather be behind the lens than in front of it.


Ice Box Canyon in April by Alan Socolik


Red Truck by Marcia Socolik


Wall of Buddha by Marcia Socolik


Orange Flowers by Alan Socolik


Furry Friends by Marcia Socolik


Neon Cinema by Marcia Socolik


Lone Bristlecone by Alan Socolik


Driftwood - color by Marcia Socolik


Old Mine Sepia by Alan Socolik


Yucca Abstract Warm by Alan Socolik


Navajo Falls by Alan Socolik


Yucca Abstract Pink Blue Green by Alan Socolik


Mt. Whitney Sunrise by Alan Socolik


Pastel Pink Flowers and Ferns Subdued by Marcia Socolik


Autumn in Zion by Alan Socolik


Yucca Abstract Sage and Mauve by Alan Socolik


Agave Spikes Sepia by Alan Socolik


Orange Butterfly by Marcia Socolik


Ghost Rider Sketch by Marcia Socolik


Relaxing at the Lake by Marcia Socolik


Gnarly Tree by Alan Socolik


Driftwood on Beach by Alan Socolik


Yucca Abstract Square Brick and Turquoise by Alan and Marcia Socolik


Agave Spikes Black and White by Alan Socolik


When Pigs Fly by Alan Socolik


Hikers Haven by Alan Socolik


The Basket Weaver by Marcia Socolik


Terrace Canyon by Alan Socolik


Antelope Canyon with Light Beam by Alan Socolik


Red Rock Snow by Alan Socolik


Teal Dog by Marcia Socolik


Yellow Dog by Marcia Socolik


Yucca Abstract Panorama Brick and Turquoise by Alan and Marcia Socolik


Purple Dog by Marcia Socolik


Chair Back by Alan and Marcia Socolik


Rusty Metal Abstract by Marcia Socolik


Crooked Slats by Alan and Marcia Socolik